C.K.C Admin Manual

Desktop Admin App

  1. Login
  2. Create new record
  3. Import records/Export records
  4. Search records
  5. Submissions
  6. Manage Admins

1. Login

The login page depicted below uses case sensitive password and username names to allow access to the administration portal.

The “Keep me signed in” checkbox stores your login information for one click access. The “Sign in button” submits entered data to the system to be verified and an error message will be displayed above username input box in the event of incorrect information.

2. Create New Record

The process of creating a new record begins with a press of the yellow “New” button located at the bottom left of the Record page highlighted in blue depicted below.

There are 2 types of record entries namely family and individual.

For an individual the creation of a new record happens in 3 stages. The personal information stage including names, birthdays and other details. The the Sacrament stage including all relevant info of the individuals sacraments and finally the ending page which collects extra information and links individuals to family members if they already exist in the system. After a successful entry you are shown this confirmation message.

For a family record creation you input the family size in the prompt shown after selecting family and pressing next. It follows the same entry procedure as individual except it links all the subsequent entries as one family and loops back to the beginning page for every individual in the family. All entries will share the same family ID number.

3. Import Records/Export Records

The import/export system is designed to allow users to store backups of the entire database and restore the database at any time. It uses microsoft excel files as a means of storing and reading information.


If a user desires to import data into the database they must use a specifically ordered excel file downloadable below:

This will allow you to format data captured in an excel sheet properly for import into the database. The “Import” Button is located at the bottom of the screen next to the “New” Button highlighted in blue. This will allow you to select an excel file and import its captured records to the database. Navigate through the windows explorer window to the file you want to import and press open shown in green.

After a successful import the record viewer will display the imported records.


The export function makes a copy of the contents of the database to an excel for storage or other uses by the user. The export button is located at the bottom of the screen next to the “Import” Button highlighted in blue. It opens a windows explorer window which you use to select a storage location and name for the excel file. Afterwards, press save and it will be stored in that location and display a confirmation message.

4. Search Records

The “Search” bar highlighted in blue allows you to group records with matching values in their fields. To make a search you must enter your query into the “Search” bar and press the “Spy glass” button highlighted in orange. After every search the “X” button highlighted in red must be pressed before a new search and the results can be refreshed by pressing the “Refresh” button highlighted in green.

5. Submissions

Submissions are made by individuals within the mobile app and have to be reviewed by an admin. To begin press the “Submissions” button on the yellow column after the “Access Code” button. The “Submissions” button has a counter which shows how many submissions are waiting for review.

When pressed it opens the submissions page. This page has a viewer for submissions shown below. Press view on a submission to be able to accept or delete it after review.

After a successful acceptance you will see this message and it will show up in the records.

6. Manage Admins

Only admins with special permissions can manage admin accounts. The admin manager allows you to delete and create admin accounts. To begin managing admin accounts you press the green “Manage Admins” next to the welcome message on the top left of the window. This will display the screen below.

The text in square brackets is the admins username. An account can be deleted by pressing the red “Delete” button next to the admin account information. The yellow “New” button below the admin account viewer is used to create a new admin. When pressed it will open the page below.

Enter the individuals information and select if you want them to be able to delete and create admin accounts. Press the “Create” button to create the account and share the information with the individual.

Please do contact us if any issues or ambiguity arise, in the help section of this website here.