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Here’s where we want to wow you with all the creative ideas we get every now and then. It would be really nice to get some comments and opinions flowing. So let’s hear it, your friendliest compliment and your meanest sluggers, it’s completely free for all!

For Our first idea we want to show off, Its a little hyper-casual game we are releasing for a limited time only. We will basically have a car in an enclosed area and it will be green. Then we would have opponent cars try and chase it down. The objective of the game is to avoid touching the other cars ,least you lose life, and definitely avoid the walls. A single touch from the walls is an instant death. The cars will try to surround you and force you against the wall. The number of cars will also increase progressively. We’re still working on building the idea, so we don’t have any pictures to excite you. But still tell us what you think.

Another idea we are working on is Put!. Simply put, (pun intended ;]) its a hyper-casual game where you put an object into a ball and try not to pile them onto each other.

Now we know this has been done before but its a really fun and easy game and we think we have something new. We will have the players put any object, from normal things like a block to diamonds and bubbles, not just simply having knives or arrows. The challenge is making the game feel like it makes sense. The game would have to attempt to balance funny nonsensical with amusing ease. Don’t let anyone tell you hyper-casual games are too easy! Let us know what you think in the comments. Thanks so much for any support you extend to us.

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