Meet the team

This is our small family. A cliche statement if any, but it holds truth just the same. The main unit of Pixel Pro is made of three friends that become brothers through the making of the product and the company. Pouring our sweat, blood and tears is something we feel made us closer, and wiser and stronger: something only found in the strength we hold when we are together.

Our spearhead of the team is named Yewo. But we are working hard to try and have the name ‘engine’ stick. Cause when he works, he looks and sounds like a machine, full of life and charge, as the tap tap of buttons sound in the background, and he bobs his head to the latest trap song.

He was born in Malawi and was raised in Botswana. He had many passions from skating to football and was always a physically active figure. Its hard to think he would be the type that would spend days behind a screen. But those who know him well past what he allows most to see, know he has a deep fascination for how the world works, and creating new worlds inspired by it. He works harder and longer than anyone one else. He almost attacks the challenge of his tasks. He is the developer, and he is the rock we stand on.

Second, we have the mad scientist Abel. He is a man who seems to know everything, and yet is so detached from this information, you’ll wonder where he came across the words he spews. Put him into a group of people he would change into a gregarious figure, standing at the center of attention or controlling the pace of any meeting and social event. Give him a maze and he will worm is way out of it. Demand of him something new and he will change the whole game. Abel is the creative powerhouse of Pixel Pro.

He was born with his hands dipped in every bowl. Born in Zambia, Congolese by nationality and raised in Botswana, he is the type of person to get into everything passionately. From science, to culture, to language and music, he lives to absorb and create. Desperately eager to learn, he inspires the others to courageously face the Big Mobile game business World.

Last but certainly not least, is Boago. He is the kind of person you would believe you have figured out, only for him to surprise you the next day. Born and raised in Botswana, he has lived in all kinds of life. From the deep villages in the districts of Botswana, to the southern African bustling cities of Johannesburg. His unique talent is an unparalleled insight to the mind of the masses. And a scary list of connections with useful people. The mini mafia boss in the making, Boago Seeletso. But down here we just call him Skinny B.

There’s more to our list that the main unit. People like Takura and Bernard have a powerful hand in the business, using their helpful talents and insights to make the business better.

As is, we are still looking for more game changers. Wild, creative and zany characters who don’t fit in life’s box but are willing to make a change and a difference. We are also looking for anyone inspired by our ever growing potential and have practical skills from any specialization in the mobile game industry.

If you want to be part of our team contact us with our email address. We want more manpower in pushing the wheel towards our goals. But we also cherish the value of family we create in the process, and would love to grow together and learn together and win together.

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