Explore the world of Infin8 by swiping through obstacles and collecting power ups on your journey to conquer the pixel world. The deeper you go into it, the harder it is to keep your orb from colliding into the obstacles. So do you have what it takes to survive the world of Infin8 or are you going to be one of it’s victims.

The Prologue , the Process, the Product

See, creating a game isn’t very difficult. A little C# here, a little Photoshop there and voila, you have yourself a game. That’s what the founding members of Pixel Pro have been doing for at least four years. Discovering neat ways to make a simple world is fun, and with a young mind it may seem like anything is possible. Eventually though, one reaches stagnant waters. Nothing changes and no one cares. So one day, sometime in early 2018, they got up to do something different. They wanted a challenge. And thus began the journey into the Infin8 world.

We were inspired by Infinity, obsessed with the mathematical enigma. We looked at various versions, both abstract and physical and settled for a never ending tunnel. We hoped for something captivating and yet simple. That elegance, that poise, that was the challenge. And the ride to that has been nothing but challenging.

Starting off, it seemed like a ball in the tunnel was a perfect fit, but it felt too mainstream. We wanted to take it in a new spin and create sleek and smooth glide.

Here’s our first go at it, and would you look at those effects 😮 :O

Just looking through the video, it’s easy to see how this game could easily top the charts. Simply looking at the ball glide is entertainment enough! So it’s no surprise our first real obstacle was optimizing. We wanted to create the very best environment and present it in even the most low end devices in perfect beauty. But no matter what, we couldn’t get the application working above 12 frames per second. For at least a week we went around, too stubborn to ask, too inexperienced to notice, that our ball and tunnel vertices were too high. Once we finally realized this, that epiphany helped bring to light other problems. The blur and special features we implemented were all to taxing on a simple phones processing power. We were forced to pull back almost every one of our ideas.

After a brief recess, we decided to go the other way around. We started with simple and tried to work our way up. And frankly, it seemed simple wasn’t our style, pretty obvious from how it looks.

Attempt No.2. I still fall in love with that color. B>

We were adamant about having 3-D looking obstacles. We wanted to have the game feel as immersive as possible. But we did make efforts to tone things down. See how all the shadows and subtle lighting were drawn back, but somehow the environment still carries a resemblance of a real and animated atmosphere. We got a lot of good feedback from this and we decided to go forward with the idea. Our biggest concern was mostly performance and we were making progress solving it, but we soon began to feel that our game might be a little bland. Sure there was color, and design, but was there features? What made our game stand out? What brought our players excitement? The brainstorming began.

We went from holes in the floor to floating heads that engulfed the players. Crawling outside the tube and having the ball teleport between obstacles.The crazy ideas we came up with came pouring in nonstop but in the end we weren’t satisfied. For one, non were feasible and there seemed to be too much going on. We once again took a step back from it all and found inspiration from an unexpected place. One of our favorite games Jack X! This popular PlayStation game took the overplayed typical racing genre and added abilities that were above and beyond but carried the ‘out of this world’ theme.

Since the premise of the game was a challenge, we imagined a power-up that was basically a cheat. The ability to crash through everything that stands in the way. But we knew we can’t make the game too easy. Using trial and error and monitoring peoples game play we found the right duration the power up should be. And the testers loved it. We dubbed the power up Power-Blitz! Using that momentum we went ahead with a second power up called Phantom-phase, where one is alleviated from the trouble of obstacles, simply pass through them like a ghost. Many more ideas came but we also realized that some people love the comfort of familiarity and decided to throw in a VC (virtual currency) magnet. And hence the top three power ups were chosen.

Look at all our designs and special effects running at 50 fps. We came a long way

If you watch the video in detail you will observe a certain special effect that is paired with an interesting feature of our game. It’s by far the most exciting thing I find with the game cause of the endless possibilities we could have. Keep reading and you’ll find out more.

Happy with our work so far we pretty much felt done. We played the game among ourselves and between the testers and anyone who we could force the game into their hands. And it was fun, for about 5 minutes. After a week the game seemed to show signs of poor retention. This was very heartbreaking. And given our schedule, to work even longer into the next year……, well we were starting to lose courage to say the least.

We each went back to what we knew best. With our individual skills and knowledge we plowed into research, trying to find the root nature that brings people back to a game. And we believe we cracked it. The secret ingredient? Investment. What pins you down thinking of ways to do more and do better in any course of action? Your stake in it. And if you want to find out how we brought that to life in our game, pick it up on the Play Store or the App Store, and see for yourself.

Now this wasn’t the only problem we faced. Yes we felt pretty confident in our skill to make games, and prove it time and time again, but for everyone across the industry, getting the game out there is where the real struggle is. And as a startup with the average age of our members being 20, and a next to nothing source of funds, financing marketing projects seems like an insurmountable problem.

So what to do? Well we keep our heads up high. At this very moment we are all working odd jobs all around and pooling our resources together so we can make this dream come alive. We also began networking so as to find ourselves eager investors. And its kind of ironic how we have to convince people to take a game, seriously. But we really believe this thing can reach soaring heights. We just need to find a big enough runway.

There’s an idea that we tell ourselves. All problems are localized, no matter how big or small. So in order to get bigger than your problems, you have to think outside that box.

That’s the motto our company is built on. We hope that anyone who believes the same may feel welcome, and inspired enough to grow our team into a global family. Let’s take on the challenge and become larger than what life boxed you in to be!

Pixel Pro, outside the box.

If you wish to contact us, please reach us at, Or +267 76181742, or drop comments in this very website. You can even join us on our Facebook page .We would love to hear from you and nothing would excite us more than any involvement from your part.


I find it fun conveying emotion, ideals, and facts through words. Every moment is a learning curve and I relish the challenge it presents. Find me, so I can get lost in a new world you may have for me…….