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Pixel Pro

Pixel Pro is a start up with humble beginnings ready to change, grow and emerge a pioneer in the mobile game industry. We take pride in our youth and curiosity, but most of all in our outside the box approach. With our upcoming product, we believe we have managed to take an old idea, and spin it to something that can completely sweep the industry.

The founding members, Yewo Theu and Abel Tshimbalanga were raised in a small village in Botswana called Thamaga, setting up shop in the place they knew most. They started off 2 years ago in early April 2018, and realized, that their combined skills of software development and their immersive understanding of what the market of mobile gaming demanded, gave them a unique edge. Their agendum? To create a product that puts people back on the edge of their seats. Too many mobile games offer little intrigue and cheap rewards for menial tasks. They aim to challenge their
audience, to put the essence of active competition into mobile gaming.

Find out more about our product and see for yourself. Download Infin8 on Google Play or the App store now!

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Welcome to our world, Outside the box!